Transitions of Care

Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires both Hospitals and Eligible Professionals “who transition their patient to another setting of care or provider of care or refer their patient to another provider of care should provide a summary care record for each transition of care or referral.” (42 CFR 495.6(j)-(m)). This requirement includes three measurements:

  • Measure 1:  Provide a summary of care record for >50% of transitions of care and referrals. (Need not be electronic)
  • Measure 2:  Provide a summary of care record for >10% of transitions electronically
  • Measure 3:  Complete one of the following:
    • Successful exchange with different EHR system, or
    • Successful test with CMS designated test EHR

Hielix has extended its national leadership in Meaningful Use and the secure and efficient exchange of healthcare data to provide Transitions of Care support for hospitals and eligible providers. This service delivers the tools our customers can immediately use to enhance patient outcomes through Transitions of Care and meet their upcoming federal requirements. The Hielix Transitions of Care solution is built on three key components.

  1. Utilizing Direct Exchange to provide a secure communications conduit for the exchange of key patient records such as the discharge summary, care plan, referral, lab results or other documents
  2. Developing a clear plan for implementing the Transitions solution, based on national standards, for each stakeholder group in the medical trading area
  3. Assisting the provider in obtaining a Direct address for stakeholders and training on its use including where Direct integrates with transitions of care.

As a registered agent for many of the nationally certified providers of Direct, Hielix is able to greatly enhance the timeline for an individual provider to adopt Direct for Transitions. The efforts involved in the deployment of this service will help providers begin realizing the operational and clinical benefits quickly. The service includes:

  • Analysis of Medical Trading Area including targeted Trading Partners
  • Project leadership to organize and structure the project for maximum benefit to all community care providers
  • Workflow and demographic analysis to identify and structure ‘best fit’ for easy adoption and use
  • Implementation guidance and testing using federal standards and solutions
  • Review of privacy and security guidelines to align with HIPAA and state regulations
  • Preparation for audit tracking to demonstrate accomplishment of requirements
  • Education and training materials explaining how to use the Transitions of Care solution
  • Customized recommendations and next steps

When completed, a community of hospitals, clinics, long-term care providers, dentists, and other care providers will have an effective and secure strategy in place that helps achieve the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements for transitions of care, but also improves the delivery and quality of care for the patients they serve. Contact a member of the Hielix Transitions of Care team to identify the individual Transitions within your medical trading area and how this service can support your efforts.