HIE Readiness Assessment

The evolving guidelines for Meaningful Use are setting the direction for healthcare moving forward – you must be able to exchange clinical data, especially among disparate systems. Exchange of healthcare data has rapidly evolved to the point where it is now both practical and necessary between defined trading partners.

To solve the challenge of seamlessly integrating disparate EHR systems, hospitals are building Private Health Information Exchanges (HIE). A Private HIE provides a means to connect the hospital (or health system) to their provider trading partners (physician, pharmacy, lab, radiology, clinic, etc.) and allows them to seamlessly exchange healthcare data. Creating this exchange of clinical data brings significant operational benefits, including:

  • Enhancing transitions of care
  • Increasing the number of referring physicians to support a hospital or system’s growing market footprint and revenue base
  • Reducing potentially preventable readmissions
  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Increasing revenue from enhanced billings and collection

The Hielix enterprise HIE assessment provides our provider customers with a roadmap to meet the requirements for exchanging clinical data and realize the operational benefits. Our readiness assessment identifies the:

  • Hospital or system’s healthcare ecosystem
  • Requirements for sharing data
  • Needs and perceptions of stakeholders
  • Governance requirements
  • Operational opportunities
  • Financial sustainability strategy and metrics
  • HIE system evaluation and selection

With a roadmap to exchange data in hand, a hospital is armed with the tools necessary to meet the evolving needs of their trading partners, meet the federal requirements, and realize the financial and clinical benefits.

Are you in the process of developing a health exchange for your organization or are considering one and need a place to begin? Click here to contact our national HIE team about an HIE Readiness Assessment.