HIE Financial Sustainability

The most critical element in creating a successful health exchange is determining a financial sustainability model for the HIE. At Hielix, we have unparalleled expertise in HIE business models and developing sustainability models for individual health exchanges.

The Hielix team’s general approach and methodology is built on our core belief that an HIE financial sustainability plan is successful when all stakeholders reach consensus-based decisions and agreement of an equitable funding model. These stakeholders often include various members of the medical community (hospitals, clinics, physicians, labs, pharmacies, assisted living, etc.), consumers of medical care, various governmental agencies, payers, employers, and others.

Financial sustainability remains the primary challenge to HIEs across the country. Many stakeholders are looking for the magical answer to sustainability. Our experience and research indicates sustainability is more about the process (the how) than about the answer (the what). Success usually comes from doing the hard work of building consensus between stakeholders and finding the business and financial plan that works for each HIE.

For more information on HIE financial sustainability or for support on your health exchange project, please contact us and one of our HIE sustainability experts will be in touch with you right away.

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