Hielix is a national leader in the planning and creation of operationally sustainable, open solutions to seamlessly exchanging health information. Our national team brings a substantial portfolio of work with integrated delivery systems, regional and local communities; statewide HIE organizations and the provider community across the United States. No other professional services organization retains the core competency and direct expertise in what is a dynamic and emerging healthcare information exchange marketplace. In fact, Hielix has performed work for 1 out of every 5 statewide HIEs in the United States and territories.

Hielix’s suite of community HIE-related services provides the ability to exchange clinical data for a primary healthcare provider (a single hospital or health system) to their healthcare trading partners (physician, pharmacy, lab, radiology clinic, etc.). Utilizing Hielix’s expertise and services framework allows these healthcare providers to seamlessly exchange clinical data more efficiently and at a lower overall cost. In addition to the baseline benefits of HIE, including enhanced patient safety and clinical outcomes, creating exchanges of data also drives the following operational benefits:

  • More referring physicians to support a hospital/systems growing footprint and revenue base
  • Reduced potentially preventable readmissions
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduction in medical expenses
  • Foundation for an Accountable Care model

Hielix community HIE-related services focus on three core areas for enabling seamless health exchange – HIE planning and development; EHR adoption and support; and operational assessment and implementation.

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