ICD-10 Readiness Checkup

ICD-10 will have significant impacts on all physicians, regardless of the size of the practice.

Hielix has developed a streamlined “check-up” to assist your facility with ensuring all the areas impacted by ICD-10 are being addressed and are on track for the October 1st, 2015 go-live.

Hielix understands many practices have undertaken the task of addressing ICD-10 remediation internally to reduce impacts on costs. However, we also understand the power and diversity that experience brings to ensuring the problems related to ICD-10 are being addressed.

Hielix’s ICD-10 Readiness Check-up can quickly evaluate your practice’s progress across key areas and identify opportunities for course corrections, if needed, to keep on track.

Based on Proven Methodology

Hielix has experience developing and executing comprehensive project plans and budgets for both large and small provider ICD-10 efforts.

Our collective experience in evaluating operational, technological and financial impacts in many diverse provider environments will bring an enterprise wide view to your ICD-10 implementation and help validate you’re on the right track. 

Minimal Time Investment

We know your team is extremely busy and has limited resources.

Hielix’s ICD-10 Readiness Check-up is minimally invasive and is completed in just a few hours of time from your staff. Leveraging key ICD-10 subject matter experts with information gathered in advance, our team will evaluate the data ahead of coming on site for a day of focused conversations with key ICD-10 project personnel. 

icd10 steps2

At the end of our on-site discussions, we will compile a comprehensive report of findings and review these findings with key project stakeholders. Findings will include an overview of all the areas our experience has shown need to be addressed as part of a comprehensive ICD-10 remediation plan. The following deliverables will be provided: 

icd10 deliverables

Peace of Mind 

ICD-10 has the potential to significantly impact a provider’s financial health. Our experience has shown that nearly every ICD-10 check-up we have performed, there were critical areas that were overlooked. Hielix also brings ICD-10 best practices together from across a wide range of similar and diverse facilities and incorporated them in the final report. Our Readiness Check-up will give you the peace of mind that your implementation is on track and give you the time to make necessary adjustments.