ICD-10 Solutions

Many providers underestimate the amount of time and resources needed to achieve ICD-10-CM/PCS compliance, collectively “ICD-10”. ICD-10 impacts more than just the HIM coding staff and far reaching impacts to all aspects of a provider’s operations to include information technology, operations (HIM, clinical documentation, and revenue cycle) and finance. Without a good plan in place, providers face potentially significant impacts to cash flow, denials and other disruptions.  Check our blog out for some of the benefits of ICD-10.

Even after gaps are identified, our experience shows that many ICD-10 projects are disjointed and not treated as an enterprise effort. This has many affects the project in many ways, primarily around communications and coordination of effort. For example, HIM can have all their people trained and ready to go, but if IT isn’t on track with systems remediation, then all is for not.

A comprehensive gap assessment will help providers understand what is needed to get ready and folding the remediation effort into an overall program of projects will help organize for success.

A total conversion to ICD-10-CM/PCS requires planning and calculated decisions. Hielix can perform a variety of assessments to gauge an organization’s readiness, as well as determine how these changes will affect current high-volume/dollar cases.

Hielix services can help identify specific gaps in operational and technical capabilities, provide project planning, development of detailed work plans, physician education, clinical documentation improvement and other services to support your path to ICD-10 compliance.
icd10 impact-areas
Our ICD-10 services include a review of all work streams, including technology, finance and operations, to provide an accurate picture of the current state, identifying specific gaps in operational and technical capabilities

  • Technology - vendor system software upgrades, scheduling, testing, configuration services
  • Operational - coding and clinical documentation assessments, parallel coding, education and training for coders, physicians, non-ancillary and other departments; revenue cycle processes and project management
  • Financial - budget development, managed care contract assessments, financial sensitivity analysis, diagnosis-related group (DRG) revenue risk assessments, risk management and stabilization support
  • Project management – project planning, setup, monitoring and support

Services Provided

ICD-10 Rapid Assessment

Hielix understands many facilities have undertaken the task of addressing ICD-10 remediation internally to reduce impacts on costs. However, we also understand the power and diversity that experience brings to ensuring the problems related to ICD-10 are being addressed. Hielix’s ICD-10 Readiness Assessment can help quickly evaluate your facilities’ needs across key areas and provide the plan and tools you need to kick start your compliance effort.

ICD-10 Project Checkup

We know your team is extremely busy and has limited resources. Hielix’s ICD-10 Readiness Check-up is minimally invasive and is completed in just a few hours of time from your staff. Leveraging key ICD-10 subject matter experts and information gathered in advance, our team will evaluate the data ahead of coming on site for a day of focused conversations with key ICD-10 project personnel.

ICD-10 Support Services

Keeping your ICD-10 implementation project on track may not require full time support. Our flexible models allow for custom support when you need it and in the right context. Some of our flexible models include: