Physician Workflow Assessment

Hielix clinical workflow assessment services identify the clinical needs and technical requirements to align efficient clinical workflow practices and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems within ambulatory physician practices. By aligning the clinical workflows according to any IT requirements of the chosen system, we are able to maintain a focus on the four foundations of healthy & sustainable physician practices – revenue, profitability, efficient workflow, and patient satisfaction.

Working together with our partners and physician practice customers, we are able to deliver the following benefits:

  • Speed to implementation and full utilization
  • Integrated EHR software and clinical workflows ensure more efficient practice revenue generation
  • The ability to identify specific EHR modules/functionality that fit each unique practice and streamline implementation
  • Ability to complete implementation and reach full utilization quickly and efficiently

We utilize the following process of assessment and outcomes to target clinical workflow improvement, efficient EHR adoption, and a path to full utilization.

If you would like to receive more information on the Hielix Physician Workflow Assessment, contact us here.