Mobility Workflow Assessment

The Point of Care and Mobility Assessment service is utilized to assess the customer’s challenges, opportunities, and readiness to implement or improve point-of-care (PoC) workflows using mobile computing. This assessment is in the context of any current visions or business objectives that call for specific clinical outcomes or performance metrics necessitating the need for changes in the speed/accuracy/location of data capture and processing. The approach used to perform a mobility assessment focuses on the clinical and operational workflow desired as well as the impact to supporting departments and services.

The approach utilized by the Hielix team addresses key areas that encompass the majority of point of care. However, understanding the business and clinical goals in the context of why mobility is required to most clearly set boundaries and expectations. In fact the Hielix mobility workflow assessment reviews the following business topics:

  • Understand business/clinical objectives
  • Define vision for PoC/mobile computing
  • Educate to the pros and cons of mobile vs. stationary
  • Determine and baseline organization culture for mobility adoption
  • Review support departments impacted by PoC
  • Set expectations of deliverables, timing, and assessment dependencies

The Hielix deliverables for a mobility workflow assessment include:

  • Findings and alignment to mobile point of care
  • Gap analysis to clinical and operational objectives
  • Recommendations (strategic and tactical)
  • Flow and device type considerations
  • Changes needed for HIPAA, P&P, privacy, IT security
  • Infrastructure analysis for wireless and mobile computing
  • Support organizational changes required for productive mobile computing
  • Suggested implementation timeline (tactical and strategic)
  • Suggested budget, both one time and ongoing, that corresponds with suggested implementation recommendations and timeline
  • Executive presentation

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Want to learn more about the Hielix approach? Read our whitepaper! It covers the current state and effects of hospital IT priorities (EHR, HIE, etc.) and their need for strong clinical workflows within the hospital. Download it >>