EHR Post-Installation Solutions

Hielix’s EHR implementation and optimization services assess how the provider is utilizing their EHR and helps transition from basic implementation to the realization of other benefits of an optimized implementation. Our EHR/EMR post-installation services focus on the following areas:

EHR System Assessment – All post installation engagements begin with an assessment of where the organization and functional areas are reviewed to fully understand the challenges occurring with a particular system.

Organizational Adoption – Organization adoption evaluates the end users and how they currently utilize the system. During this review, areas within the EHR are evaluated for efficiency and use by the end user. Anecdotal information is collected from the end users as to perceived and real frustrations. Solutions are evaluated for possible remediation. Examples could include optimizing a data entry screen, leveraging functional shortcuts or providing additional training on the system.

Functional Adoption – Functional adoption addresses the number and types of modules that were implemented and determines if additional modules would be helpful to overall efficiency, patient care, or interoperability. Additionally, functional adoption looks at how systems structures are utilized within the EHR system such as problem lists, cheat sheets, documentation templates, etc. By addressing any gaps within the functional area, organizations can realize additional efficiency, patient care experience, and improved user adoption.

Optimization Implementation – Once the organizational and functional reviews have occurred, a detailed plan of action will be developed to address the recommendations generated in the aforementioned areas, the action plan will include the timing and budgetary consideration related to implementing the optimization recommendations.

In addition, the Hielix team has deep, certified resources for many enterprise EHR systems. If you would like to receive more information on the Hielix EHR post-installation services contact us.