Ambulatory EHR Rollout

As hospitals and IDNs continue to adopt EHR technologies, they are also paying particular attention for the right products and strategies to implement these systems to their owned and affiliated clinics and physician practices. While there are significant operational and coordination of care incentives to get as many referring physicians on their system, many hospitals struggle with staffing and other resource issues. Hielix supports our hospital/IDN customer’s efforts to expand their geographical EHR footprint with clinical workflow, IT, and system support. The business objectives for EHR expansion are typically:

  • Streamline continuum of care between inpatient and external providers
  • Accelerate revenue back to the hospital/IDN
  • Support competitive advantage within individual markets

Utilizing our comprehensive methodology, the Hielix team can successfully expand our customer’s EHR footprint more efficiently, at lower overall cost, and with enhanced clinical and operational outcomes. The specific areas for this effort focuses on:

  • Clinical workflow based on the incoming system
  • IT readiness assessment for EHR adoption
  • EHR system implementation

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