EHR Solutions

Hielix is a national leader in the planning and creation of operationally sustainable, open solutions to seamlessly exchanging health information. Our EHR solutions cover the support, implementation, and optimization of an EHR and provide EHR services that assess how an individual provider is using their EMR and helps them through the adoption curve, even from basic implementation to the realization of other benefits of an optimized implementation. In addition, our EHR services extend beyond system oriented support to the other areas key to full utilization of an EHR including Meaningful Use, clinical workflow, training, and other core issues.

This focus on a combined offering of operational/clinical core competencies with specific system expertise allows Hielix’s EHR solution oriented projects to be deployed more rapidly, at lower cost, and with enhanced strategic outcomes. Additional benefits to our partners and customers include:

  • Enhanced efficiency for inpatient workflows within the hospital
  • Integrated EHR & clinical workflows ensure long-term revenue generation from participating providers
  • Identification of specific EHR modules that fit a hospital’s practices and streamline implementation
  • Creating the foundation for both health exchange and accountable care

We offer the following solutions to healthcare providers:

Physician Workflow Assessment
Our clinical workflow assessment solution identifies the clinical needs and technical requirements to bring clinical workflow practices and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in line with each other in physician practices. By aligning the clinical workflows according to any IT requirements of the chosen system, we are able to help the practice focus on providing stellar medical care and not worrying about the IT.

Mobility Workflow Assessment
The PoC and mobility assessment solution is utilized to assess the customer’s challenges, opportunities, and readiness to implement or improve point-of-care (PoC) workflows using mobile computing. This assessment executed keeping in mind current client visions or business objectives that call for specific clinical outcomes or performance metrics. These metrics often necessitate the need for changes in the speed/accuracy/location of data capture and processing. The approach used to perform a mobility assessment focuses on the clinical and operational workflow desired as well as the impact to supporting departments and services.

Meaningful Use Gap Assessment
A service built to support our hospital customers in evaluating the challenges, opportunities, and state of operational/technical readiness to attest for Meaningful Use CMS. Finding balance in the utilization of an EHR solution and streamling it with clinical workflows will put a hospital in the best position to achieve the requirements for Meaningful Use – today and into the future. Performing Meaningful Use gap assessment means focusing on the evaluation of the technical and operational requirements to meet the core objectives and quality measures required for attestation. By using this approach to achieve Meaningful Use, we are able to make a more comprehensive assessment of the challenges to successful attestation. In addition, we provide a roadmap to achievement that is operationally realistic and based on the specific needs of the individual customer.

Ambulatory EHR Rollout
As hospitals and IDNs continue to adopt EHR solutions and technologies, they are also focusing on selecting the right EHR solutions, products, and strategies with which to implement these systems to their owned and affiliated clinics and physician practices. While there are significant operational and coordination of care incentives to get as many referring physicians on their system and aligned with their solutions, many hospitals struggle with staffing and other resource issues. Hielix supports our hospital/IDN customer’s efforts to expand their geographical EHR footprint with clinical workflow, IT, and system support solutions.

EHR Post-Installation Solutions
Our EHR solutions for both implementation and optimization assess how the provider is utilizing their EHR and helps transition from basic implementation to the realization of other benefits of an optimized implementation. Our EHR/EMR post-installation solutions focus on the following areas: EHR System Assessment, Organizational + Functional Adoption, and Optimization Implementation.