Physician Practices

At Hielix, we partner with physician practices to help them navigate the adoption and implementation of electronic health records (EHR) as well as understand and implement Meaningful Use (MU) measures. While the federal assistance in place through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) has provided physician practices with incentives for adoption, there are many challenges that can derail the selection and implementation of an EHR and ultimately put the practice at risk. Through our experience working and interacting with thousands of physicians across the country, we have identified a number of potential risks, including:

  • Optimizing the clinical workflows inside the practice to take best advantage of revenue generation and enhanced use of an EHR system
  • Choosing a vendor that has not reached the most current level of certification
  • Lack of training for all staff that leads to misuse or non-use of the electronic health record
  • Failure to identity areas of under-coding that can lead to significant revenue gains for the practice

Working collaboratively, Hielix and our physician customers streamline practice workflows in conjunction with streamlining the process of search, EHR selection, and ultimately implementation and ongoing support.

We have the tools and experience to ensure that whether a practice chooses to install an EHR package inside the practice or subscribe to hosted services, the selection and implementation is appropriate for the unique needs of the practice (size, geographic diversity, specialty, workflow, etc.). In addition, we are able to draw from our broad partnerships to help physician practices choose technology providers – direct from the vendor, technology integrators, or value added resellers – with whomever they are most comfortable.