New Resource: The Road to HIE Sustainability Whitepaper

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

We've published a new whitepaper! It's titled: The Road to HIE Sustainability.

Summary: Hospitals and other healthcare providers are in an extended period of rapid adoption of healthcare IT products and services. In particular, hospital systems are driving towards two foundational goals: 1) Raising the level of EHR adoption among their hospitals and owned/ affiliated physician practices, and 2) private health information exchange (HIE). Achieving these two goals are necessary in order to meet the future requirements these providers will be facing, including accountable care, pay for performance, disease management, and population health among them.

This raises questions about the sustainability of these investments, particularly private HIE, in terms of operational cost savings and the opportunities to generate additional revenue. This whitepaper details the steps and roadmap necessary to achieve a sustainable HIE.

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New Resource: Clinical Workflow Whitepaper

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

We've published a new whitepaper! It's titled: Effective Clinical Workflow - The Foundation for Success.

Summary: The whitepaper covers the current state and effects of hospital IT priorities (EHR, HIE, etc.) and their need for strong clinical workflows within the hospital.

Details: Hospitals today are facing a broad spectrum of required changes, all of which represent significant time, money, and resource commitments as well as disruption of day-to-day clinical operations. These include technology adoption (EHR, HIE, etc.), care coordination, conforming to Meaningful Use, payment reform, the transition from ICD-9 to ICD 10, among many others. Receiving most of the spotlight for solving these challenges are hardware and software solutions. However, the purchase of technology alone is more of a potential roadblock than solution. Adoption of technology solutions within healthcare environments must also reflect the clinical changes necessary to ensure successful outcomes. Predominantly, this means aligning healthcare IT projects with the vital clinical workflows in which those solutions operate. Healthcare IT projects that address operational/clinical considerations can be deployed more rapidly, at lower overall cost, and with better outcomes.

Download it here.