Hielix Apps Announced!

Wednesday, 02 November 2011

We have a new site heading your way in the near future! HielixApps.com will be launched with some major enhancements to the EHR Roadmap as well as a brand new app! Here are the details in some quick bullets, read on below if you want even more details.

  • Completely new, streamlined look for the EHR Roadmap!
  • The EHR Roadmap will be integrated with our brand new app - the Healthy Practice Checkup (HPC).
  • The brand new app (HPC) supports the IT reseller channel in their efforts to assess the clinical workflows and operational processes of a physician practice and make recommendations to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and drive additional revenue. These recommendations ultimately lead to long-term value and sustainability for the practice and an enhanced perception of the VAR as a trusted advisor.
  • Updates to the EHR Roadmap: We've doubled the amount of 2011 certified products from which the selection engine can choose (there are new solutions out everyday!)
  • Updates to the EHR Roadmap: We've updated the decision engine to include more considerations and more detailed functionality.

Below we've laid out some common questions and answers to give you some more detailed information:

What will happen to HielixEHR.com?
As part of the launch of HielixApps.com, the web URL HielixEHR.com will be phased out. However, the EHR Roadmap itself will continue to live under HielixApps.com.

I have private label version of the EHR Roadmap, what will happen to it?
Those VARs with private label versions of the roadmap will continue to use the private label version of the Roadmap during and after the launch of HielixApps.com. However, after launch we will migrate all the private label versions of the Roadmap into the look and feel of HielixApps.com based on your agreement with Hielix. This will also allow you to begin to utilize the HPC application as well.

When will the launch of HielixApps.com take place?
There is no official date in place for launch but currently we anticipate the launch of HielixApps.com taking place in mid to late December. Once an official launch date is announced we will be sure to let you know about it.

Please be sure to bookmark HielixApps.com as you won't want to miss the exciting developments in the future!

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