Privacy, Security and Consent Management for Electronic Health Information Exchange Grant Program awarded to Hielix, Inc.

Friday, 03 April 2015

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) awarded a $299,137 grant to Hielix, Inc., for work on Part B of the Privacy, Security and Consent Management for Electronic Health Information Exchange Grant Program. They will focus on providing technical assistance and education on e-health privacy, security and consent management for health informatities to make the best possible health decisions. This funding will further support readiness to advance the Minnesota Accountable Health Model and Accountable Communities for Health.


The grant program goals include:

Ensuring health care professionals, hospitals, behavioral health, long-term and post-acute care, local public health, and social services have the access to the knowledge and tools required to use, disclose and share health information in a safe and secure manner.


Ensuring that health care professionals, hospitals and health settings have access to education and technical assistance on privacy, security and consent management practices that are based on both the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Minnesota Statutes.

Identifying opportunities for:

Improvement in current patient consent processes for the release of protected health information required for health information exchange


access to education and technical assistance for health care professionals, hospitals and health settings on implementing leading practices for enabling safe and secure electronic health information exchange across multiple and diverse health care settings for the purpose of care coordination activities consistent and uniform policies and procedures


Minnesota's $45 million State Innovation Model (SIM) testing grant made this award possible. The MDH and the Department of Human Services (DHS) jointly received this federal grant in 2013 and are using the funds to help implement the Minnesota Accountable Health Model. The model helps providers and communities work together to reduce costs and create healthier futures for Minnesotans. It supports community and provider partnerships, team care, care coordination, Accountable Care Organizations, payment reform, and health information technology investments.

The Minnesota Accountable Health Model will further test and evaluate whether investments in e-health, data analytics used for population health, and HIE can be used to accelerate the movement of health care providers and organizations to shared cost, shared savings or Total Cost of Care (TCOC) arrangements.

In addition, these investments build upon and align with the vision of the Minnesota e-Health Initiative to accelerate the adoption and use of Health Information Technology (HIT) in order to improve health care quality, increase patient safety, reduce health care costs and improve public health. Built on the 2015 Interoperable Electronic Health Record (EHR) Mandate, these e-health investments can move all providers to adopt and use e-health to support participation in the Minnesota Accountable Health Model.

For more information about the grant program and the State Innovation Model testing grant please visit the Minnesota Accountable Health Model-SIM Minnesota website. For more information about e-Health please visit the Minnesota e-Health website.


Announced in the Minnesota SIM Newsletter.

Hielix and Rural Health Innovations Launch Transitions of Care Service

Wednesday, 02 October 2013

Hielix and Rural Health Innovations (RHI), a wholly-owned, for-profit subsidiary of the National Rural Health Resource Center (The Center), jointly announce  the launch of a new Transitions of Care service. The Transitions of Care service is tailored to small and rural healthcare providers to meet those specific requirements in Stage 2 of Meaningful Use.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires both hospitals and eligible professionals, who transition their patient to another setting of care or provider of care or refer their patient to another provider of care, to provide a summary of care record for each transition of care or referral. This requirement includes three measurements – 1) Provide a summary of care record for >50% of transitions of care and referrals; 2) Provide a summary of care record for >10% of transitions electronically; and 3) Complete a successful exchange with different EHR system or a successful test with CMS designated test EHR.

“Properly managing a patient’s care as they transition across different care settings can dramatically impact the overall cost and efficiency of the healthcare services provided and the ultimate health of the patient,” according to Patti Dodgen, CEO at Hielix. “RHI is a tremendous resource for the rural healthcare provider market. We are excited about this partnership and will look forward to developing more joint services together.”

Hielix healthcare partner community welcomes Red River

Monday, 05 August 2013

New Hampshire-based Red River, a leading information technology (IT) services provider, made a formal announcement today of their partnership with Hielix. Our partnership with Red River comes as part of an expansion of Red River’s healthcare division.

Hielix and Red River will collaborate on the implementation of efficient hospital IT solutions, in maximizing productivity gains from clinical utilization, and in training clinicians to effectively use technologies to maximize clinical outcomes. In collaboration with Red River Healthcare, we will focus on healthcare IT adoption and sustainability efforts around critical projects like EHR system adoption and optimization, Meaningful Use, clinical workflow support and interoperability.

It's the impact to the clinical staff that is often overlooked when deploying new technologies. This puts additional pressure on the IT department in terms of physician satisfaction and help desk volume, among other challenges. For customers, having this partnership between Red River’s strengths and Hielix's deep expertise in addressing the clinical impact of technology adoption allows more efficient deployment of projects with greater outcomes than other competitors. 

Hielix Apps Announced!

Wednesday, 02 November 2011

We have a new site heading your way in the near future! HielixApps.com will be launched with some major enhancements to the EHR Roadmap as well as a brand new app! Here are the details in some quick bullets, read on below if you want even more details.

  • Completely new, streamlined look for the EHR Roadmap!
  • The EHR Roadmap will be integrated with our brand new app - the Healthy Practice Checkup (HPC).
  • The brand new app (HPC) supports the IT reseller channel in their efforts to assess the clinical workflows and operational processes of a physician practice and make recommendations to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and drive additional revenue. These recommendations ultimately lead to long-term value and sustainability for the practice and an enhanced perception of the VAR as a trusted advisor.
  • Updates to the EHR Roadmap: We've doubled the amount of 2011 certified products from which the selection engine can choose (there are new solutions out everyday!)
  • Updates to the EHR Roadmap: We've updated the decision engine to include more considerations and more detailed functionality.

Below we've laid out some common questions and answers to give you some more detailed information:

What will happen to HielixEHR.com?
As part of the launch of HielixApps.com, the web URL HielixEHR.com will be phased out. However, the EHR Roadmap itself will continue to live under HielixApps.com.

I have private label version of the EHR Roadmap, what will happen to it?
Those VARs with private label versions of the roadmap will continue to use the private label version of the Roadmap during and after the launch of HielixApps.com. However, after launch we will migrate all the private label versions of the Roadmap into the look and feel of HielixApps.com based on your agreement with Hielix. This will also allow you to begin to utilize the HPC application as well.

When will the launch of HielixApps.com take place?
There is no official date in place for launch but currently we anticipate the launch of HielixApps.com taking place in mid to late December. Once an official launch date is announced we will be sure to let you know about it.

Please be sure to bookmark HielixApps.com as you won't want to miss the exciting developments in the future!