By combining innovative healthcare products with operational and clinical professional services competencies, we empower our nationwide resellers to capture new customers in physician, hospital, and state government markets, generating higher margin sales and empowering the proliferation of electronic data into the healthcare market.

Hielix’s unique core competencies reside in balancing the technical needs of the project and the healthcare operational realities in which those products and services need to operate. Healthcare IT projects that address such operational considerations can be deployed more rapidly, at lower cost, and with enhanced strategic outcomes for both the vendor and customer.

Our products/services which are available to resellers specifically target the projects that are strategic and at the top of the priority list for all healthcare providers, including electronic health records (EHR), meeting the requirements of Meaningful Use, and enabling the exchange of health data.

Some of the additional benefits our partners receive from working collaboratively with Hielix include:

Accelerate IT adoption tied to operational/clinical ROI:
Hielix focuses on the operational/clinical requirements for adopting healthcare IT solutions. By leading with operational competencies, our reseller partners are strategically positioned to be more efficient and better able to demonstrate the ROI of any technology implementation project. Many times this also places our partners in a position to also capture the ancillary revenue available as part of the overall project. This sales methodology raises the overall level of individual transactions and allows our partners to realize greater overall gross margin on customer engagements.

Utilize automated physician assessment tools to speed overall EHR adoption:
EHR decisions directly impact clinical workflows and other technology requirements across a physician practice. The Hielix EHR Roadmap (EHRR) and Healthy Practice Checkup (HPC), available at, are interactive online applications our reseller partners utilize to assess the unique electronic health record (EHR) needs of individual physician customers, evaluate existing clinical workflows within the practice, and accelerate overall adoption. Our partners gain strategic insight into their customers hence speeding the sales process and providing operational support for incremental IT investment. Pairing Hielix EHRR and/or HPC with professional services drives value add to the end customer and enhances the partner’s financial benefits.

Enable hospital customers to exchange healthcare data with key trading partners:
Enabling the exchange of healthcare information between providers represents a significant, long-term value added services for healthcare IT resellers. Not only will health exchange be required as part of Meaningful Use Stage 2 but HIE is the foundation for many forward looking healthcare concepts including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Patient Centered Medical Home. The Hielix HIE Readiness Assessment provides hospitals with a roadmap to meet the requirements for exchanging clinical data and realize the operational benefits, including:

  • More referring physicians to support a hospital/systems growing footprint and revenue base
  • Reduced potentially preventable readmissions
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Reduction in medical expenses
  • Enhanced transitions of care

Our channel partner home, is a comprehensive resources for our partners, including:

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